Substitute Teacher Info Pack

When I was thinking about what free product I would offer to start my TPT journey, I thought a substitute teacher info pack/binder would be great (click the image to take you to the resource).


I thought about what makes my job a bit easier as I used to spend ages preparing information for the substitute teacher. This pack includes sections that will make your job so much easier and stress free.

The pack includes:

Cover page and welcome message for the substitute


Routines and Day plan

I have given TPT teachers 2 options of the routines and day plan sheets to print. The image on the left is divided into sessions and the image on the right is left blank.

These 2 sheets would be used each time you have a substitute on your class. My suggestion is to print multiple copies of the routines and day plan and leave them in your folder to have them accessible.

Student allergy info, class rules and jobs sheets

These are details that don’t need to be changed every time you are off class.

The 3 pages below are information that won’t change often or at all. I write in my information once, place it in plastic sleeves and leave them in my binder folder. These are only updated when we change class jobs etc.

Teacher reflection sheet

This sheet gives sub teachers a chance to inform you of the lessons taught and whether there were any issues to deal with when you return to class. One of the things I wanted was to get feedback on the day and know what was taught if I was unable to leave the substitute teacher any work.


I place my substitute information pack in a binder folder from Officeworks and use tabs for easy accessibility. I place my folder where it is easily found and I make sure my students remind any substitute teacher to read it when I’m off class.



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